Tuesday, September 16, 2014

0 Fall Blooms

“The time came when the risk it took to remain tight in the bud became more painful than the risk it took to bloom.” ― Anais Nin 
Sometimes when seasons change in our lives we hold onto the past season; afraid of what might happen if we let go, and then something or someone prods us until we let go and accept the change; we bloom and then we reflect and realize how much we had exaggerated the risk.

Speaking of blooms, I've had this ethereal floral top for quite sometime, it has an halter neckline and I don't really do halter necklines for day, but I love the floral print on it. Paired it with this high waist stretch pants and a trench-style crop jacket I made by reconstructing a full trench jacket.

 Pearce Fonda top / unknown brand jacket / Ann Taylor shoes /

Thursday, September 11, 2014

6 A Gold Lace Skirt

“Out of the way! We are in the throes of an exceptional emergency! This is no occassion for sport- there is lace at stake!" (Ms. Pole)”
― Elizabeth Gaskell, Cranford
My tailors like to give me a heart attack. Probably because I'm a cheapskate. :) When I got this skirt back from one of them I did actually think in the lines of "There's Lace at stake!" after I pulled it on and the waist measurement was off.
You know, after seeing Hallie's lovely lace skirt and the ways she'd styled it I have been taken by it. So, I perused the local market for gorgeous lace fabrics and had the tailor make them into pencil skirts. This gold lace is just perfect with this maroon blouse I recently purchased.

 unknown brand blouse / Merona shoes / tailor-made skirt

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

2 Blue Stripe Shirt.

Photograph: a picture painted by the sun without instruction in art.------Ambrose Bierce
When someone paints a more positive picture of them self than you can agree with don't be too quick to demolish the picture because people would rarely paint such picture of themselves if they subconsciously do not wish to be that way.
So, it's the first step that they have given you, a sort of silent plea for you to help them achieve it.
When I viewed these photos for the first time I thought they were too bright; the stripes on the shirt are barely visible, but they seemed blog-worthy so I posted them. Hey, I've posted less blog-worthy photos, but thanks to Sarah's tip, which I greatly appreciate, I'm working towards getting better photo quality for the blog. There'll be some misses though.
This is a simple light blue on light blue look that looks chic every time I wear it.

T.M.Lewin shirt / Merona shoes / Stradivarius pants