Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pleated Maxi Skirt


Butterfly Maxi Skirt
Like a Butterfly

Sometimes a memory of a part of me from the past creeps up and amazes me in the ways that I've changed. In ways I've become more understanding of human nature and yet less trusting and then again more trusting and less gullible. 
I'm wearing my DIY butterfly print maxi skirt again and this time I paired it with a peachy shirt with bronze shoulders. 
I have a new hair do. :-) 

Marian Grey shoes / DIY Maxi Skirt / unknown brand shirt 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Striped Army


I have been hurt very many times and I believe, so have you. Maybe, you more than I or I more than you, but who cares, It's not a badge of honour so why carry it about?
Letting go is hard, is it not? Sometimes we hold on because we are afraid of being hurt again in the same way. We hold on so that we don't forget to guard ourselves, but it affects us negatively.
The hurt has already left us striped like this Marks and Spencer tank I have on, but what we really need to remember are the lessons and not the pain. The lessons will teach us and guide us; the pain will only hurt us more.
Found a blog post that makes it easy to take the lessons and let it go. 
I've learned that heels are great and sexy, but slides are the perfect footwear for an afternoon run.

M+S Per Una tank / HM jeans / random slides / 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

African Infusion


Every time I sit back and reflect on the day before I go to bed, I find things that I am grateful for, they could be little things like getting fresh bread from the local bakery that I recently discovered--- they bake croissants! or the big things like overcoming a bout of laziness and lending a helping hand to someone who needed it or finding a blog explained exactly how to be in love with your life.
 I am also grateful for the materials, like finding this blue lace dress. It's simple and perfect for these snake print shoes. 
Lately, I've been yearning to add a bit more African infusions to my outfits, with this blue dress I did so with the Ankara scarf. 

Bean + Ashe shoes/ Patricia dress / Ankara fabric for scarf 

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