Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How I Use Hair Extensions ( UU HAIR EXTENSIONS )

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I love hair extensions as much as I love my natural hair because I can be versatile with it just like with my natural African hair.
Hair extensions help add volume and length and with them I can go from sultry to vixen without causing chemical or stress damage to my hair, especially when I choose clip in real hair extensions.
I can add highlights or crazy cool colors or maybe just try out a different hair shade like blonde or red before I make the major decision to completely change up my natural hair. You know how much I love versatility. There is so much you can do with hair extensions. 
The best human hair extension for everyday wear is one that is non-synthetic and made of good quality real hair. 
uu hair extensions offer you human clip in hair extensions at affordable prices. 

The luxury clip in hair extension by uu hair extensions give you a perfect natural look and best of all you won't need to pay a stylist to put them in as their good quality clip in hair extension is easy to install.

One of the pros of using hair extensions is the instant long hair without the wait and there's no such thing as a wrong look as you can easy adjust them to get the look you desire.
Remember to always treat, condition and pamper your natural hair as always.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Earthy Orange Guipure Lace Shirt


This incredible cord/guipure lace shirt was amongst the other #guipure #lace tops I bought impulsively from a store while I ran an errand a couple weeks ago. 
It was like the store stocked these up just for me. You know how they say that when you find a thing you love you should stock up. I did. I stocked up on a number of guipure lace tops. I thought to pair this burnt orange guipure lace shirt with a pair of white pants, but alas, it's one of those things my closet is still lacking so, I wore it with this skirt-turned-dress for work. 

Random store bought shirt / Nine West shoes / 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How I Wore Purple Lavender Pants


I really thought this quote was going to end with the word purple when I first read it. Lol. 
To love #people is quite as easy as not doing to them what you wouldn't want done to you and then doing for them what you'd appreciate to be done to you.
To love purple is quite as simple as pairing it mellow yellow, teal and white as I have with this outfit. 

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