Thursday, April 28, 2016

White Lace Shirt

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I just love this lace shirt! It's sturdy lace and the length is the perfect fit for super skinny denim which I've been loving wearing. I'm finding it funny how it is that I've not really been a fan of super skinny jeans, but suddenly I've been loving it a lot lately.
Do you sometimes experience a change in habits?

Clarks shoes / YMI jeans / 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Snack Time: Mango and Ginger Smoothie!


My lovely childhood friend, Addy, (hey Addy!) posted this recipe on Facebook and because I love smoothies I told her I'd try it. I did and I've been thoroughly enjoying every glass. First day I made it I had two glasses! The ginger added some zing to the delicious mangoes.
It's easy to make and requires only two ingredients.
Mangoes and Ginger rhizome.
How To Make?
1. Wash and peel mangoes.
2. Slice off the fleshy parts and put into a blender
3. Peel the fresh ginger and dice. You can vary the amount of ginger as you like. I used five diced cubes ( smaller than a sugar cube ) of ginger for five mangoes.
4. Add the diced ginger to the mangoes and blend.
5. I added about three tablespoons of water because the consistency was too thick for me. 

You should totally try it!
Thank you, Addy

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Minimalism // Stripe Shirt

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And I do question everything. Every stripe. I've been known to always ask the question: "Why?"  Is it a bold classic stripe? A Breton stripe? A playful colorful stripe? Chevron? I've come to learn that the people who get offended by the question "Why?" are those who have something to hide. An insecurity? Shame? Bad memory? Lack of knowledge? Deceit?
 I have on a simple stripe shirt which I enjoy wearing with pencil skirts for work and with skinny jeans for after-work hours as I have done in this look. The pointy shoes adds some elevation to the look; keeping it casual chic. 

Ben Sherman shirt / YMI jeans / Steve Madden shoes 

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