Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ankara and Sequins

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 In order to ride this horse print #Ankara skirt I had to borrow from tradition. I'm absolutely besotted with the traditional Hollandaise prints on the more affordable #Hitarget fabric. 
I'm not the kind to move with the crowd so I opted for the Horse print #fabric as opposed to the Tiny Stars.
Sequins on Marsala is probably to die for this season. What a contradiction I am!
Self-made skirt / Franco Sarto shoes /

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Brown for Fall

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Brown for Fall
Teacher: Did you let her know how she offended you?
Student: Yes
Teacher: How did you let her know?
Student: I slapped her.

Friend A: Did you invite her to attend?
Friend B: Yes
Friend A: Hmm. Why didn't she then?
Friend B: I don't know
Friend A: How did you send her the invitation?
Friend B: I liked a number of her Facebook photos.

This striped  shirt spoke to me in words so clear I couldn't misunderstand. The vertical stripes said it would make my upper torso appear longer and would be perfect with a leg-shortening midi pencil skirt.There was no illusion in that communication. It was and is clearly black and white. A little tan; a little brown leaves no room for misinterpretation that it is clearly Fall, in the Southern Hemisphere, of course.
Merona flats / Ben Sherman shirt / Wardrobes skirt / 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Orange Guipure Lace


It's that time of the year when leaves turn red and orange-y in the southern hemisphere. Over here in Nigeria it's still raining super hard and the weather gets chilly, but I don't allow something as trivial as the weather put me off wearing this orange guipure lace shirt again. And yes, my love for guipure now burns like #orange flames or should I say like the raging orange trend for #Fall this season.  Apologies for the long absence I had some real life personality changes to deal with. 

Liz Claiborne shoes / Topshop bag / random store bought  / HM jeans

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