Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ray of Sunshine


Lately, the days have been longer and the nights shorter. The sun has been intense and temperatures have been warmer, calling for open arms and bare legs. So, I've been meeting the sun's rays with my own rays of sunshine. Wore this ruffly yellow top with an asymmetrical skirt I DIY-ed with about three yards of damask fabric. My DIY's only involve cutting the fabric, I leave the stitching together of my cuttings to a mobile tailor. 

Patricia top / DIY skirt / Joyce Leslie shoes 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Yellow and Mint Green


You could do things a certain way for the longest time and then one day it's like you sort of snap and begin to do those things in a way or in ways you never did them; maybe you saw something, read something, visited a place, had an experience or met someone who changed you.
Yellow wasn't a colour I used to like, I used to turn my nose up at it, but one day something snapped in me and I began to embrace yellow in my looks. Now I love it so much I pair it with other colours like mint green.
Have you ever had something change your perception?

Orare top / House of Denim pants / Bean+Ashe shoes

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Stripes and Floral


It's easier on the well being to assume good intent even when faced with near-choking negativity. When we are wronged, whether intentionally or not, I find that those who remain their happy, boisterous selves are those who assume good intent. 
They say: " Oh, what she did was terrible, but she was just having a hard time with some issues which can make even the sanest person crazy. I do wish that things get better for her" I find that such people let go very easily, do not waste energy being passively or actively aggressive and are truly happy people. I'm learning to always assume good intent even when very obvious malicious acts have been done. Not because I want to be a good person, but because I love myself too much to make myself unhappy over such matters. 
So, every time I'm faced with unpleasantness I'm going to choose what seeds to sow so I can reap a harvest of flowers like on my pleated midi skirt! A harvest of roses, lavenders and sunflower or are they marigolds? Lol! 

Bellini shoes / DIY skirt / 

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